4075: Mother Nature Large

My plan today was to continue on the “Her Own World” 6 x 6 painting I started yesterday but inspiration struck and I had to spend the time to get my idea into a visual format. 

I’m taking an influence from a previous painting I did called “Mother Nature” and another composition that I saw online and melding them both into one larger painting of Mother Nature but on a larger scale this time.

I spent two hours, over two hours, finding imagery of figures and heads and hands that would fit the composition and the narrative that I’m going for and I’m still not done

I want to find some natural elements like sun rays, ocean waves, the substrate of the earth, trees, and the waves of heat coming off the sun when there is sunspot activity.

I’m really excited about this painting and I hope the excitement lasts. Honestly I need it to last because I want to do the painting large, like 30“ x 40“, so the motivation has to be strong and has to carry me through not only the idea generation of this painting, but the entirety of creating it.

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