4072: Empowered Day 11

I think I’m gonna call this painting finished. When I first started it I was planning that this size would be the final size for the painting but as I’ve worked on it, I’ve realized that it needs to be much larger.

I am depicting an empowered woman and this woman has become larger than life, something on the level of a goddess. In order to depict a goddess and the power that she has it can’t be on a painting that is 12 x 24. Besides, the head for the figure is so small I couldn’t really get much detail at all in the face and I want to grab that detail I want to grab some emotion. Currently it’s too small to do that and that’s why I’m just gonna call this a study for the larger painting. 

Regardless of what I call it I am extremely happy with this painting and I can’t wait to take it even further on a larger scale.

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