4071: Empowered Day 10

The more I work on this painting, the better it gets. 

Today I finished up the arms and the midsection of the figure and I began playing around with how the dress will flow over the body with its texture and its cloth. It’s strange because I’m building this dress like no other dress that I’ve seen.  At the same time this dress is cloth but also a representation of natural elements. Part of it for me is the earth and part of it is fire yet I still want it to flow like cloth while it is earth and I want to flow like cloth and like fire when it is fire.

I like the color combinations that the greens and the blues make as it transitions from a brown and then into a fiery, red and orange

The cloth or the dress is going to represent the transformation of this empowered figure from one state to the next. It’s similar to the emotion of going from calm to engaged, not anger, but empowered. It’s very different from anger. You can be empowered and not angry, you can be powerful and communicate without anger, and there’s something awesome about that. That makes it a lot greater than just anger. It’s a controlled and superior emotion. It’s leading from a state of control rather than out of control.

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