4070: Empowered Day 9

I worked on the empowered study again today after work being a bit crazy and not getting to it in the time I wanted because of other distractions.

But regardless, I was able to get a lot of ideas figured out or at least a couple ideas figured out. Right now I’m learning a lot about how I need to approach this process of painting from multiple sources and combining them on one painting because what I find that I’m doing is a lot of fixing Rather than executing

For example, I wasn’t certain about the dress whether she should have a mid drift or not. I wasn’t certain about the hair and its configuration. I wasn’t certain about the color of the dress or the texture of the dress, etc.

All of these things are causing me to spend more time on this painting, but it’s also making it a much better painting and preparing for the larger painting.

Even though this is just a study, I plan on doing my best and selling it.

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