4069: Empowered Day 8

Today I was working on my empowered painting, while showing my artwork on the Zoo fence. Coming back to this painting today after a day or so being away from it. I found that I really am not enjoying the dress that she is wearing so I wanted to change it up a bit. 

I wanted the dress to be a bit more dynamic and not so flat.

It ended up being a wonderful place to try something different because I had a few people looking at my art and I decided to ask them questions.

Specifically women. I want to depict a powerful woman, and I want to stay away from objectifying this woman. Which means I have to clothe her in a way that is powerful and I wanted to get input from other women about what type of dress they think would be a powerful dress.

I was thinking about showing a midriff for this figure, but I wasn’t certain that it would be objectifying her. Because I was on the Zoo fence I was able to ask several women if they felt that showing the midriff would be disempowering or objectifying this woman . I had several women, one in particular, thank you Allie, who had a lot of insightful aspects that helped me determine that the powerful could show more skin, and still retain power.

One of the things that Allie and I discussed was how the pose of the figure really determines whether or not the objectification of the figure. The pose that I have in this figure is a powerful pose. The viewer is below looking up in a Heroic view of the figure. If I had the figure in a more submissive or sexual pose, then it really wouldn’t matter what dress she had on the objectification would be there.

I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to speak with Allie and others about this and to get their feedback. 

Art is about connection and communication and it’s nice to have that communication before the work is even complete 

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