4067: Nurturing

I’ve been consistently influenced by artificially generated imagery. But I use it as a tool to generate some kind of interesting idea, or the spark of the idea in my head, and I use it for some interesting composition and color combinations. But I do not use it to create the entire piece for me.

I’m starting a new smaller painting that I want to call nurturing, and the initial influence is from AI but I used my wife as a hand model and Rachel Bradley for the face.

The color combinations and the composition will be what I pull from the AI generated work. 

I’m totally cool with artificially generated by a computer as long as the people that are using them use them as a tool, but not as a crutch.

Kind of like, looking at your favorite artist, whether they are contemporary or from the past and getting motivated to paint something similar. That’s something that happens all the time you’re not copying from their work you’re influenced by it. And lots of my work are influenced by AI as well as many different artists and images all around me all the time, and I think it would be impossible for anyone in this day and age to not be influenced by the fire hose of information that we get every every single day.

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