4057: Cliff Richards Portrait Day 8, Finished!!

I love finishing a painting after over a week of hard focused work on it. I’m super happy with the outcome of this portrait. And it’s my first portrait commission!

While painting Cliff Richards and thinking about portrait commissions I’m wondering how the person that is buying this painting will react to how I paint. I fear that they will dislike the brushwork. Is it aging the person too much? Do I need to smooth it out more?

I’m a painter that loves to look at skin and see all the blues, greens and yellows that are there that most people never notice but when I’m doing this for someone I fear that they expect the magazine look. Tons of makeup and skin that has a perfect transition of color from top to bottom much like a manikin. I’m competing against the big media machine and peoples influenced idea of what a real human actually looks like.

Only time will tell. But I hope that in the future I choose the push the subject if it comes up rather than focusing on getting paid.

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