3980: Selling Destruction

 I was watching this YouTube video about Scott Burdick. It was the artist undraped podcast. When something I was super interested in was interrupted by a Clorox ad that only lasted a couple seconds. What popped into my head was interrupting a painting. 

What if you were watching something about palm oil. How it was destroying the lives of all of these animals and destroying the environment and causing all kinds of destruction and making orangutans and elephants critically endangered, etc…

Then you were interrupted by a commercial for some bullshit Palm oil company like Oreo or Nestlé or whatever or a McDonald’s commercial. You know the advertisement that is obviously killing the planet and contributing to endangering the animals.

What if it was a painting that was interrupted. A beautiful painting of this elephant or orangutan, a big huge painting and then right in the center of it. A huge ad. Some terrible company that is using tons of palm oil. Just blatantly right in the middle of this beautiful painting in the background and this horrible bullshit crazy colored straight out of youtube ad as rough and grotesque and crude as it could be.

I like the idea of destroying a beautiful painting, a beautiful painting that I worked on for a long time. And connecting that destruction with something beautiful, the environment, and those connections, extending beyond something that is abstract, and far away from us in another country and into the now, YouTube video that you’re watching about something beautiful interrupted via ad of something horrible that instantly contradicts it. The destruction is happening with us right now and what we do and what we see there’s a connection there.

After thinking further about this idea I decided not to do it. Too often conservation organizations blame faceless companies. The real problem is the rampant consumption of the public. I want to bring awareness to the individuals.

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