3978: Authentic Waikiki

Today I’m grudgingly going to the zoo fence to show my work. I have no idea what to paint. The problem lies within the time frame and the logistics. I can’t bring a big painting that I have already started on and continue working on because it’s too hard to get there and I can’t always finish a painting while I’m there because I only have a few hours, and it’s a place of constant interruption.

So what can I do? What is it good for? Maybe try out concepts.

I had this idea of just looking on Google Maps and picking out photos that people had already taken of the areas down in Waikiki or pretty places in Honolulu. But as I was going through the photos, I noticed that there is this tendency like advertisements to try and take these beautiful photos things that are, not the truth. And I do it myself whenever we go somewhere we crop out all the people make it look even more beautiful than it is. So I change my idea I’m thinking that I’m just gonna bring one of my one by two canvases, and after I set up, I’m gonna walk down to, the super crowded crappy tourist area and take an honest photo and then paint an honest photo of actual shitty Hawaii. And then I’ll paint that. You’re a tourist and you want to remember your experience and Waikiki. There you go crowded with lots of people and lots of crazy people and traffic and garbage And advertisements and a bunch of men and women shouting at you to try and sell you something. You’re welcome fuck you.

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