3946: Orangutan

When starting a new painting I want to just get right to the paint and not worry too much about the composition of the image I’m working from. I normally find an image then edit it digitally so I can interject something of myself into the composition then paint from there and this process I like to rush. Not today. I’m taking my time because I’ve seen that paintings have a structure not unlink a building.

When your building a home you start with a plan, that has to come first. The plan is the digital composition that I put together. If this is bad then everything after it will fail. Just like if an architect drew up a home that was structurally unsound it would fall apart way before you put up the dry wall.

Here is my idea of a structure of a painting and how it is best built. In order.

  1. Foundation = Design / Composition
  2. Frame = Drawing
  3. Walls = Block-in with correct value and color that is close
  4. Windows, Doors, Decorations, etc… = The painting details mainly within the focal point. Kinda like we put all the details in the living room (focal point) but leave the garage bare (not focal point).

Just my theory built over the past 11 years.

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