3936: Norwegian Forest Cat Day 2

The goal today is to take my time and focus on painting this cat in oil while trying to use expressive brushwork to describe the beautiful fur of this cat.

The Corgi painting turned out to be so detailed that many people have mistaken it for a photograph. That’s not bad, but it does make me and others wonder why they would pay top dollar for a painting when they could just print out one of their photos. It needs to look like a painting. I want to have more influence on the photo, more of myself in the painting, not just a direct copy of the photo.

I added some photos below of the progress of the painting as well as where I stopped on it for the day.

What went well? It’s looking like a painting and not a photo plus I was able to focus and spend a lot of time on the painting.

What needs work? More drawing errors while painting. I’ll blame this on the glare from the graphite and the uneven light with the shadows from the trees.

How can I improve? Find a better position to put my easel that Zoo Fence so I don’t have a bunch of glare and uneven light on the canvas. Or, just go with it and fix what is wrong at home.

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