3935: Norwegian Forest cat

I painted a Corgi so I could put it up on the Zoo Fence and advertise that I’m doing pet portraits. But I don’t want to just paint dogs. I love cats, I want to paint them as well. So today, while showing on the Zoo Fence, I’m drawing a Norwegian Forest Cat.

At first I thought this cat was made up because the image I’m working from is Ai generated but it turns out that this is an actual breed.

Regardless if I’m working from a generated photos or the real thing I feel that this painting will show to others my skill in painting and hopefully influence them to get some cat portraits done.

The first image is what I was able to accomplish while at the Zoo Fence. But I knew that there were a lot of drawing errors so I spent more time later in the day fixing all those drawing errors. That is the second photo.

The last photo is the image I’m working from.

What went well? I took my time and focused on the drawing. Then I recognized that it had a bunch of errors and patiently waited until I can fix the drawing errors instead of rushing into paint.

What needs work? Get better at drawing so I don’t have to fix a bunch of drawing errors.

How can I improve? Prepare the drawing before the zoo fence because I’m working on my phone there and it’s really hard to get things correct. Plus all the distractions while out there doesn’t help.

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