3932: Corgi Day 3

I finished my first dog painting today! I’m super happy with the outcome. My plan is to put this on the zoo fence on the weekends with a sign under it saying “Pet Portraits” to see if I get any commissions from it. Meanwhile I’ll be painting more animals. Maybe a cat next.

I’ve realized that the paintings I show on the zoo fence are for a crowd of people much different than what I plan on doing with my animal paintings focusing on conservation. Not that I won’t show those paintings on the fence, but I need to have something to cater to that audience as well. Besides I’ve found that I enjoy painting just about anything, as long as I’m painting.

Let me know if you’re interested in getting a pet portrait.

What went well? Focus, Flow and Fun!

What needs work? Achieve an accurate drawing faster so I can spend more time painting.

How can I improve? Speed only comes with practice. All I can do here is be patient, take it one step at a time and keep painting daily. Eventually my speed will increase.

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