3931: Liz Portrait Painting

I had the pleasure of attending the portrait painting session at the Downtown Art Center here in Honolulu. I had a wonderful time! I met some wonderful artists and was super happy with what I was able to accomplish in the class.

I didn’t finish the painting but what I did complete was done well. The key to this has been the same thing I’ve been doing while painting the corgi. Taking my time, focusing, and calmly moving through the painting.

This is the way I love to work. I need to remember this and do it consistently for the rest of my life.

I also enjoy working small. This painting is 8×10 and the head is tiny. Size doesn’t matter when the painting is done well.

What went well? Focus, Flow and Fun!

What needs work? Achieve an accurate drawing faster so I can spend more time painting.

How can I improve? Speed only comes with practice. All I can do here is be patient, take it one step at a time and keep painting daily. Eventually my speed will increase.

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