3928: Jelly

I attempted to paint a Jelly* for the first time in my life. What I discovered is that it’s very hard to get the colors and value perfect when painting an object that has a ton of transparency. Next time I work on it I’m going to use the power of glazing in oil and just paint transparent paint on top of the background. By taking advantage of what oil paint can do I should be able to get it to look like it should. I added the reference I’m working from so you can see the transparency in the Jelly that I’m talking about.

*”Jelly” not “Jellyfish”. Even though the word “Jellyfish” is used all the time, jelly’s are not actually fish.

What went well? I painted for over an hour at the zoo fence. I connected with a bunch of people, met a bunch of cute puppies and I sold 2 paintings. Great day!

What needs work? Practice painting animals of all kinds.

How can I improve? Bring more understanding to my mistakes rather than all personal criticism. I’m changing subject matter and I’ve never painted animals like this ever before. It makes sense that I will make a lot of mistakes.

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