3921: Green Sea Turtle Day 2

Yesterday me and a friend called Lone Wolf did a gallery walk through Waikiki. It was a fantastic day of looking at some amazing, and some not so amazing, paintings.

There was one big takeaway for me after see several galleries. What people love is beauty, skill and details. Paintings of landscapes was the top selling in all the galleries but the landscapes that sold the best were extremely detailed and painted really well. I honestly thought I would go through these galleries and see a lot of work that was not skillfully done but I was wrong.

There was one gallery where I was amazed at the quality of work. It was like being in one of the top museums in the country.

I spent 3 hours painting today and it was a breeze. Tons of fun with this new subject and the upcycled plastic panel. See my last post to to read why I’m painting on such a crazy looking panel.

This first layer of paint is not a quick block-in. No. I was extremely focused on getting this right with every brush stroke so the next layer would be all details that took this painting to the next level of quality. I know what people love now and it’s the same thing I love. Beautiful paintings skillfully rendered. I can’t wait till Monday to continue with this painting as I’ll be at the zoo fence tomorrow.

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