3907: Striking Planes

I’m showing on the zoo fence again today and I’m determined to finish a painting on both Saturday and Sunday. So today I focused just after arriving and got this painting done while avoiding distractions. After finishing it, and being quite happy with the outcome, the rest of the day was easy.

Although, I didn’t connect with anyone today and I didn’t sell a painting. But, what really lifted my spirits was two three events. First was a person that walked the full length of the fence and came all the way back just to tell me that my command of color was masterful. That really meant a lot. Thank you to whomever you are. Second, was just minutes later I got a really heartfelt comment from another person that my work was amazing. The recognition lifted my spirits. Third, Fareeha Khawaja came by at the end of the day and gave me some great ideas for making connections while also praising my work. Awesome! Thank you!

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