3895: A Miracle

I’m still coming down from a big high after such a wonderful day yesterday. But today I realized that I need to get serious about organizing my network so I spent a couple hours setting up some plugins on my website to organize anyone I want to stay in contact with or if they purchase a painting. I like the idea of keeping it all together on my website so I don’t have to manage information in multiple locations.

Because of the time spent there my art day was cut shorter, but it was worth it. Getting the foundation prepared for staying in contact is essential.

For the painting, I’m going back to adding figures. I love the narrative, the story and I want the viewer to put themselves in the scene and have a conversation with the work. I threw down a bunch of paint quickly to get it close to what is in the image then beat down all the edges over the whole painting. This should prepare the painting for a second layer of details.

Session Details