3777: Radiating Warmth

Before I used to avoid the overly sweet and emotional imagery but now I’m thinking differently. These moments are becoming more and more important to me.

Review From Yesterday

Drawing: Take the time that it needs. Focus on each brush stroke to improve control, drawing, shape design and speed. Speed is all about efficiency not how fast I move. Landscapes are not the best for improving drawing.

Perspective: Keep practicing linear and atmospheric perspective.

Value > Color: Value first, hue and saturation second. High contrast and high saturation near focal point. Test when you’re unsure. Try to make the sky glow.

Form: Continue to think of each object as existing in space. Make it feel like it takes up space.

Shape Design: Practice and begin to understand what shapes are pleasing and why. Simplify complex shapes always. Squint all the time.

Composition: Simple subjects for now. Rule of thirds. Edges. Value. Color. All emphasizing the focal point.

Brushwork: Practice creating as much as possible with one stroke. Improve my ability to soften an edge with a brush. Try to be more expressive with brushwork. Look at Quang Ho.

Other: Stand up at least every 30 minutes.

What did I learn?

Drawing: For figures this small simple shapes work well.

Perspective: Not much perspective in this painting. I just needed to get the sizes of everything close.

Value > Color: Right away when looking at each image side by side I completely missed the green cast of the colors. I saw them more blue. But these are digital images so it could look different on any screen. Next time I’ll try to push the green in my blues a bit. I like the orange and deep teal contrast.

Form: The form of the shadows was very important to replicate the depths of the painting and I feel I did that well. Noticing the slight differences in value here was very important.

Shape Design: Super important for this painting. I tried to simplify as much as possible and stay true to the generated work without copying exactly. I got the general idea of the shapes but there are still subtle changes in the bigger shapes that make the Ai generate work more interesting. Slight increase in the angles of shapes makes it more dynamic.

Composition: Simple composition but I tried to improve upon it by making all the shapes in the snow and tree line point to the focal point. I also kept all the most saturated colors in the center next to the focal point. All the brightest values are in the center as well.

Brushwork: Lots of fun on the brushwork. I’m looking at Quang Ho for inspiration and after watching a video of him painting I noticed how each brush stroke looks expressive and fast but in reality he planned many of them out and executed them carefully. I tried to do the same here. I’m still struggling with softening edges. I pulled out my very soft long flat to soften edges at the end of the painting.

Keep doing

  • Taking my time drawing and laying down paint.
  • Simplifying shapes.
  • Getting the value right first and checking when I’m unsure.
  • Finishing a painting daily and reviewing.
  • Squinting.
  • Continue to limit my options when painting. Materials, subject matter,
  • When I’m not painting surround myself with information about painting.

Stop doing

  • Using my smallest brushes.
  • Details everywhere.
  • Listening to podcasts while painting. Music only.

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