3775: Walking Home

I spent some time before starting this painting reviewing what I wrote yesterday and making sure that I practice what I’ve learned. It helped tremendously. I also edited the Ai generated image by adding the figure and cropping it different. I’m very happy with this painting.

Review From Yesterday

Drawing: Take my time and measure. Improve control of drawing with a brush through practice. Treat each brushstroke as a finishing stroke.

Perspective: Keep practicing.

Value > Color: Improve matching value first, the color can change.

Form: Continue to think of each object as existing in its space.

Shape Design: Along with drawing with a brush recognize pleasing shapes and compose with them. Ai can help here.

Composition: Simple subjects for now. Rule of thirds. Edges. Value. Color. All emphasizing the focal point.

Brushwork: Improve my ability to soften an edge with a brush.

What did I learn?

Drawing: Taking my time with the brush and focusing each brush stroke as if it’s the last not only improved my drawing but the shape design as well, and the speed. Speed is all about efficiency not how fast I move.

Perspective: I could have pushed the atmospheric perspective a bit more by making the distant trees lighter.

Value > Color: Almost all of my initial mixtures had correct value and anything I wasn’t sure on I tested against the reference with a clear piece of plastic. The light under the orange tree could be a bit darker and more saturated, too much white there. Also too much saturation everywhere.

Form: The form of the clouds is not good. I was getting tired at the end there. Next time I’ll take a break.

Shape Design: See drawing above.

Composition: I’m very happy with this composition. I’m using the rule of thirds and I feel I was able to improve upon the reference.

Brushwork: Too many sharp edges. Next painting I need to practice making soft edges.

Keep doing

  • Measure carefully and spend the time it needs on the drawing.
  • Adjust the composition from Ai.
  • Saturated colors close to focal point. Unsaturated everywhere else.
  • Learning how to soften an edge well.

Stop doing

  • Taking on subjects that take forever to paint with these small paintings. Challenge myself with this later.
  • Throwing down brushstrokes without thinking of the drawing. I’m drawing with a brush.
  • Trying to correct the value of paint already on the canvas. Scrape it off first then adjust if I can.
  • Take breaks when I’m tired.

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