3774: Where Do You Start?

Josh had an absolutely wonderful idea. For every one of these painting I will deconstruct it and define why. Why it looks good, why it looks bad, and details that I can learn and repeat. This is more important than doing multiple paintings a day because I can crank out paintings like crazy but to really improve and improve fast Deliberate Practice is the key.


The drawing is very very close to accurate because I took my time and did a lot of measuring against the reference. Some of the drawing was messed up with a big fat brush and lack of control.


Lots of training on perspective here considering all the boxes. There are many boxes that had correct perspective in the drawing but I lack control with a brush to keep it so. The Ai generated work has lots of boxes with incorrect perspective. I was able to see this which is good.

Value > Color

I made most of the boxes too bright which took much of the focus away from the top of the figure. I tried to correct it but ended up making very messy brush strokes instead. I improved the reference by keeping all saturated colors close to the focal point.


The arm closest has some problems with form. I did not round out the light on the forearm well. The form of the head suffered from the drawing mainly because the head is so small and it’s hard to paint.

Shape Design

Ai is a perfect teacher for shape design. I could do better by really looking at all the shapes and trying to emulate more.


I improved the composition by moving the figure to the left and giving the gaze more room. Ai always puts people in the center which in most situations is not good composition. I began softening edges away from the focal point but I need more practice here.

Keep doing

  • Measure carefully and spend the time it needs on the drawing.
  • Adjust the composition from Ai.
  • Saturated colors close to focal point. Unsaturated everywhere else.
  • Learning how to soften an edge well.

Stop doing

  • Taking on subjects that take forever to paint with these small paintings. Challenge myself with this later.
  • Throwing down brushstrokes without thinking of the drawing. I’m drawing with a brush.
  • Trying to correct the value of paint already on the canvas. Scrape it off first then adjust if I can.

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