3758: Huge Changes in My Art Path

Everything you will read here is mostly for me. But I’ve realized that I’ve strayed from my path. I’m bringing art back to the heart of everything I do and focusing on that first.

What do I know I want?

  • Live to 100
  • Rest of my life with Pattie
  • Not work at my job for the rest of my life
  • At least 4 hours a day on art
  • Make enough money
  • Everything I do to make money is related to art

Do I want to help people?

Do I need to sell my art?

Do I need to have a business?

Do I need to do figure work?

Do I need my art to be a job?

Do I need a job to make enough money?

Why I hate what I’m doing right now:

  • Because I do figure work I determined that it’s much harder to find an audience to buy my work.
  • So I need to make money in other ways.
  • Then I added in CreateQuest and YouTube.
  • This takes time from my day so I can’t do art.
  • I’m spending most of my time doing YT and CQ stuff and a lot less time doing art.
  • I can’t get better and I can’t make art to sell if I don’t have the time in the day to do it.

What I want to do:

  • Make art for most of the day.
  • Make paintings fast.
    • Brush economy
  • Make smaller paintings in oil.
  • Sell my art, share my art, show people how to do what I do if they are interested.
  • Make art that sells.
    • Make landscapes, animals or still life. Easy to sell.
    • Make them smaller. Easy to sell, quicker to make, more interesting on YouTube.
    • Carol Marine
    • Sara Sedwick
    • Marc Bohne
  • Pick something in art and go deep on it for the rest of my life
  • Stop second guessing myself every fucking month and pick something and stick to it.


  • Quick
  • Small 6×6
  • Brush economy
  • Composition
  • Steal, steal, steal. Ai, Artstation, Photos, Other artists
  • See it and make it
  • Okay with Ugly
  • Any subject matter
  • Learn tricks for speed
  • Repeat compositions
  • Film everything I do

Just the thought of this is liberating.

I see compositions everywhere and now if I work this way I can implement them quickly. Before it was a cool composition that I could never get too because the painting had to be large and take weeks of work.

Daily paint works again: https://www.dailypaintworks.com/

  • This is the place where I sold the most paintings.
  • I love the idea.
  • Go back to where I started and make art my focus.
  • Try to reach 1 painting a day, then increase.
    • Batch paintings.
    • If I can do 1 6×6 painting a day. What if I repeat that painting 4 times at once but with different relative color or color temperature, analogous vs complementary? 4 small paintings all at the same time.

My day

  • 4 hours of art
  • 4 hours at job
  • 3 hours of Food, exercise, meditation
  • 2 Fam
  • 1 other
  • Total 14 hours

Art time

  • 1.5 Painting
  • 1.5 Idea creation
  • 1 study
  • Total 4

Never add anything more to my day if it takes away from 4 hours of art daily.

Working through the Ahmed Aldoori course. Meds Map.

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