3705: Where is My Love – Oil Painting Part 15

This is a secret painting that I started back in December 2022, more than 3 months ago. But I got side tracked with all kinds of other paintings and videos. The original idea was that I paint this entire painting and keep most of it’s progress off of my daily art posts but after reconnecting with the purpose of my website I decided to bring it back. The purpose of my daily posts is to show all artists exactly what it has taken to get a painting from nothing to something amazing. I’ve recorded tons of footage of the making of this painting and I plan on releasing that at some point. Enjoy the progress.

This photo of the painting is where stopped on the painting. That was December 26th 2022.

This is the small amount of work I was able to complete on the painting today. I worked for a little over an hour on the eye of the male figure.

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