3 thoughts on “3504: Solo Artist Day 150”

  1. These latest AI-based images look great. The value organization of this one is wonderfully simple.

    Can you share more about your process? Are you refining a textual prompt from start to finish, or are you supplying the AI with reference images, sketches or paint-overs?

    • Hey Orlando!
      You can sign up here. https://www.midjourney.com It uses discord and a web interface for interaction.

      Basically you put prompts and some commands in discord and the Ai processes the images from text. Some versions of the Ai uses imagery and you can add commands to weight the image higher than the text but most of the time it goes way beyond the look of the original image.

      I love the idea of having a conversation with the new born Ai so I will take images it produces and make edits to them then submit those edited images again. I’ll do this multiple times. I’ll also have it make versions of an image I like and use multiple version in a digital piece that I edit.

      I’ll also refine the text prompts to get what I would like as well.

      Hope that helps!
      If you get on discord let me know and we can hook up and share Ai creations.


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