3495: Solo Artist Day 141

The future of art is here and many artists are not going to like it. 5 months ago I changed my mind about digital art and jumped head first into digital painting. Now art generated by bots is blowing my mind.

I’m experimenting with Midjourney and art generated with text prompts to create something complete original from the combination of a machine and myself.

Here is where this painting began. I’m part of a reddit community where people put images of themselves on line to be drawn. I started drawing this image yesterday.

Then I took this image into Midjourney and used a multitude of prompts, re do’s, upscales, regeneration’s to arrive at this AI generated portrait from the photo above.

That image is absolutely amazing! But, I don’t want to pass this off as my own. It’s not. A computer generated it. I want to have more of myself in this piece so I spent a few hours creating this.

The result is the future of art. Artificial intelligence and humans coming together to make art. I hope that the human artists aren’t replaced in the future… But I will expect it will happen.

2 thoughts on “3495: Solo Artist Day 141”

  1. I agree that recent AI-generated art looks amazing. Some of the Mœbius-style stuff I’ve seen is breathtaking, even if the geometry is flawed on closer inspection.

    My guess is that you could independently come up with concepts similar to that of your AI-generated image. Where computers have a big advantage is in the speed of rendering a final image.

    • Thanks Orlando! At the moment Ai generated art still needs help from human artists. But this is an exponential technology. Soon they will match current artists and out pace us quickly. We need to be ready. This is like the photograph in the 19th century.


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