3406: Solo Artist Day 52

Today I painted in oil for the first time in weeks.

After working really hard on the design process for the Mt Shuksan composition and transferring the drawing to the panel I painted it today. Then promptly wiped it all off. Haha.

The process wasn’t working out exactly how I wanted it to. I was able to identify some step that I need to add to the process before putting brush to canvas. Tomorrow I will start those additions to the design process.

I moved the iteration of this beach scene to my design process document and It’s already working very well. The next thing I need to do with this process is remove the 7 values swatches and reduce them to 5.

My daily digital warmup. I feel this practice is essential for getting used to the new feel of a medium. To help with that even more I switched up brushes through the whole process to find what I liked and didn’t like.

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