3345: Schoolism Study 1

I’m going back to studying. I can’t deny that I lack a lot of training in composition and shape design.

Why am I doing this?

Honestly I think that everyone should be a perpetual student and continually learn all the time but the purpose of artwork is to make connections and communicate through imagery. And when you have an idea that you want to communicate through an image yet you’re unable to bring that to life because of lack of knowledge or skill, then it’s time to commit study.

I chose Schoolism because… Craig Mullins… just wow. AND it’s only $20 a month for ALLLLL the courses, crazy good deal.

Yes, he’s a digital artist mainly but the principles remain the same and besides his oil paintings are amazing as well.

I’m starting with Craig Mullins digital painting course. I must say everything he has said just in the first two parts, as well as on the following YouTube videos about the course, have been revelatory.

Part 1 of the course is a focus on form through simple shapes and only two values. I’ll paraphrase Mr Mullins.

“The initial drawing purpose is to break everything down into simple black and white. If you can do this and get all the forms to read correctly you’re basically done. If you can get only two values to read dimensional the rest of the process is super easy.”

Today I’m trying to do this in charcoal, because it’s late in the day and all my time is gone.

At some point I would like to study with the course as well as working on a painting and implementing what I learn as I learn. But, I need to come up with my next painting and I want to spend some time on what that will be. The last three I started were painted over quickly.

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