3344: 1859, Session 6

The more I work on this painting the more I feel as if I don’t know what I’m doing.

1859 (Ascend, possible title)

The purpose of today’s session was to establish some darks and light areas in simple shapes but I got caught up with details. I also realized that the pure burnt umber on the painting was much too dark. I feel as though I’m starting over again. I need to step back from this painting and come up with a better plan.


In better news I started doing studies for my next painting which focuses more on landscape than figure.

I said I wouldn’t go digital but after seeing so may concept sketches that were produced so quickly. Then add in that you can do so much with layers to adjust a study super fast… I needed to do it.

I’m using Photoshop on my iPad with an apple pencil.

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