3343: 1859, Session 5

I felt like I may have destroyed this painting after the session but as I edit the image… It’s not so bad.

1859 (Ascend, possible title)

The idea for today’s session was to break the whole figure down into basic shapes with simple lighting. At first all the edges and shapes in the figure was using hard edges. But the hard edges would be a problem for later in the painting so I decided to try and smudge as much as possible while keeping the drawing underneath.

The one thing that I’ve learned when doing this paintings is that I will obliterate the original drawing that I spend so long on. It’s not so much about keeping the drawing that is on the canvas, but keeping the drawing that is in my head.

Eventually the dance between form and drawing will begin with this painting. I’ll move from painting in broad spaces to fixing the drawing, back and forth.

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