3105: Winnie Session 5

Starting over, sort of.

Today while working on the Winnie painting I adjusted the Photoshop settings again and basically changed all the colors.

Initially I had a lot of adjustment layers on it to warm it up and brighten it. But it looked too unnatural and too high contrast. So I made changes and now all the colors are on my painting are wrong.

I’m fine with having to redo what I’ve done so far because I want to take my time on this painting and really get it right especially with Winnie herself. If the background looks terrible but Winnie is painted wonderfully I’m very happy with that.


What went well, what was awesome! Celebrate It!

A good amount of art time and calm painting session.

What needs work? What did you learn?

Keep moving.

How am I going to Optimize moving forward?

Keep up with my timer through the day and my workout.

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