3100: Impermanence Session 3

Lots of distractions today away from art making but still a productive day.

I spent the morning recording, editing, uploading and posting videos for CreateQuest. I really hope that all that I’m sharing there can empower even one artist to improve the world with their creativity. Only time will tell. But I’ll keep working at it. Besides, I really enjoy it!

The best way to learn something is to teach it.

My work today on the Impermanence painting was slow and methodical. This is how I love to work. Slowly adjusting the forms with hue and value to bring about something greater than the photo I’m working from.

Tomorrow I hope to do the same.


What went well, what was awesome! Celebrate It!

Wonderful day!

What needs work? What did you learn?

Make up some art time.

How am I going to Optimize moving forward?

See if I can make up some time tomorrow by planning my errands well.

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