3066: A New Background Color

Back to the color study with the Paper Cross painting and a dark to light approach.

So looking at the paints on my pallet this morning that have sat overnight with clove oil wrapped with the palette in a bag I can see that everything with titanium white is still very wet and usable. A transparent earth orange which usually has a skin over the top of it overnight is a little tacky on the top but not as bad as it normally is. So the clove oil is actually helping to keep the paints wet but the extension of that time is not going to be dramatic.

Okay, I tried really hard to use the monitor to match the darkest darkness painting which is basically straight ivory black. But I noticed that on Photoshop is really dark color had some warm hue to it. So I mixed up the color that I liked that had a warm hue and it was very dark and repainted the entire background which is now quite a few shades lighter.

Continuing with the idea of moving from the darkest dark to the lightest light I mixed up a color that was a shade lighter, barely lighter than the background. After putting that on the paper shadows I really like the effect. Even with the lighter background there’s a softness that this painting has that it didn’t add before.

Considering most of my next years for those two colors were using ivory black, transparent earth orange, transparent Earth red, I needed to extend their drying time. I want to be able to use these paints for the next week. So I went ahead and mixed in some clove oil and non-solvent medium from Gamblin.

Then I wrapped those mixtures and plastic and labeled them. Because I know I would forget which one is which.

The great thing about using this plastic to wrap a paint and keep it for a longer time is that a lot of these plastics that we have cannot be recycled. And what do you do when you can’t recycle something. You reuse it!

Not a lot is actually getting done on these paintings because I’m spending so much time mixing colors as close as I can and learning a lot about color and extending the drying time of paint without adding non-archival mediums.

By the way the clove oil that I added to my current mixtures is not very archival at all after reading on it. But I’m willing to take the risk especially for the very dark black colors. If those areas yellow I think it may enhance the painting. Besides I don’t think that’s going to happen for another 50 to 100 years…

It’s like I tell most people. First worry about making great paintings, or having the ability to make great paintings. Then worry about having them last forever.

Paper Cross

Paper Cross



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