3063: More Color Work

I’m training hard to try and master color. It’s going to take a while!

Notes During the Session

I was worried that all my mixtures from yesterday would be dry today. But All the paint mixtures were fairly wet this morning. I think this is because all of them have a lot of white which tends to stay wet longer. And they’re not particularly dark or using any colors that dry really quickly like burnt umber.

While painting I realized that I need to print up a labeled sphere with all of the different names of light so that I can reference it often. The same printout should probably have all the different names for color also. I struggle with the names still. Practice is the only way to memorize it all.

When using a brush to mix the colors from yesterday morning I realize that they are a bit too sticky to work with. They’re not completely dry but they’re hard to move around with the brush, easy with a palette knife.

I’m finding that one of the hardest things to do is to judge value when the hue is very different. The closer the hue the better you can judge the value.

I just had a thought. I know that I want to create all of the Munsell chips with my oil paints. But instead of just going through and creating all of the chips. What if I continue painting the pictures I want and create chips with the colors that I deal with most often while painting. This way I not only create the chips but I get an understanding of what tubes I use most of or colors and I can create my palette based on that.

On first thought when looking at the colors that I mixed up for the core shadow and reflected light they seemed way too dark. But after getting a lot of the surrounding paint down and stepping back to compare, it’s not that far off. Although the far left side of her back the values are way off there’s much too dark they should be closer to the background color just a different hue and chroma.

One of the reasons for my inability to really see how close those values are is because the surrounding values were so different from what the painting was. After bringing the surrounding values a bit closer I can see where I’m off easier.

Sierra One

Sierra Study One




What went well, what was awesome! Celebrate It!

Another great AM! Plus I kept focus through the day and stuck to the micro wins.

What needs work? What did you learn?

Commit to a better PM so my sleep is better.

How am I going to Optimize moving forward?

Shut down on time and cool my brain well before bed.

Is a new project I’m starting with Josh Johnson where we are…

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