3062: Color Study

I started studing color early this morning after my warm-up.

I was trying to match skin tones as accurately as I could using methods I learned from Paul Foxton. I took my time, I went really slow and learned a whole bunch.

One of the most practical methods that I learned from Paul foxton’s videos is when you’re matching color deal with one aspect of color at a time. For example, first pick a tube of paint that will get you close without much change then mix for value only. Don’t worry about chroma or even the hue just get the value right first. Then after that mix for hue and chroma.

Also if I have to change a hue that I should mix a brand new pile of paint with the same value first but bracket the hue and mix those colors together. This way your two mixtures have the same value and different hues so when you pull them together they’re only changing the hue.

What was also really helpful was keeping my pallet knife clean while mixing.

I know it sounds rather confusing and text if you’re actually reading this I would suggest watching some of Paul’s videos.

One of the hardest things that I was doing was I’m not matching from a real life object. I’m matching a photograph on my monitor. So this is a backlit image that I’m trying to match with paint lit from its surface. I think it can be done but I’m having some trouble figuring out exactly how to do it well. I mean, if I can see the color and value with my eyes there must be a way that I can match it. Right?

What really helps was using a clear piece of plastic and a color isolator to match against the monitor.

I did realize that I need to hold the paint as close to the monitor as possible to get the best match and not far away from the monitor and close to my painting. In the above images the one on the left looks great until you get it next too the monitor and you can see that the value is much darker.

The end result is that I realized I don’t know color as well as I thought. And if I want to push hue, value and chroma beyond reality I need to be able to match reality first. We can’t really figure out where we going unless we know where we’ve been.

I took so much time matching that I only painted some color on her arm and shoulder. But those colors looked great! Super close match! My previous layers of color were way off.

Sierra One

Sierra Study One



What went well, what was awesome! Celebrate It!

I think I’m getting my energy back because today’s AM was great!

What needs work? What did you learn?

Rest up the rest of the day and get back to my regular day as soon as I can.

How am I going to Optimize moving forward?

Focus on micro wins through the day. Protect my energy.

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