1000 Consecutive Days of Art!

Here it is! A huge milestone for me! 1000 consecutive days of art! It has taken me two years and 270 days to get here. This is one of the biggest accomplishments of my life so today me and Pattie celebrated. Plus I plan for the celebration to continue over the weekend as I’m planning an art marathon on Saturday.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet because I plan on doing a very long page on tools and techniques I use to keep motivated and make daily art a habit. But, I have to mention the person most dear to me, my wife Pattie. Honestly, I couldn’t have gotten this far without her. She has always been a source of inspiration and a rock of support. When I say inspiration I mean it literally.

1000 consecutive days of art: inspiration from pattie
Pattie inspiration from the past

It has been a long while since I have done artwork with her as a subject but I will have to return to my muse, my love. If you want to see more artwork inspired by Pattie check out this post.

Healthy Lifestyle = Healthy Habits = Healthy Lifestyle

This could be one of the most important parts of my daily art habit and interestingly enough, it has nothing to do with art, but everything to do with the habit of making art. Keeping fit and doing a workout several days a week has been extremely helpful in keeping me positive and giving me enough energy to work on art daily regardless of the time or place.

Here Pattie is another great source of inspiration and information. She is so motivated about keeping us fit that she has just about become my personal trainer. Not only that her motivation for fitness has spilled over into our commitment to conservation and we have combined the two to help us and the future of the earth. She is a great writer also, so if you want some valuable information about keeping fit and conservation check out her EarthFit website.

Here is our workout celebration of my 1000 consecutive days of art. In keeping with the Crossfit tradition she planned a workout for this special occasion that would surely kick my butt. And thanks to some lack of sleep the night before I was dead afterward, but full of a since of accomplishment.

1000 consecutive days of art: workout
1000 consecutive days of art: workout

Thank you Pattie for the workout and the daily inspiration!

1000 consecutive days of art painting work

Now onto, todays painting. I have been working on this one for a long time now. I’ve been very methodical about it and trying as hard as I can to do my best. I wish I could have worked on it more than 1.5 hours tonight, I wish I could have finished it. But I was very tired, and I didn’t want to rush it an mess it up. Patience is the key here, and I’m going to continue to plug away at it, but tomorrow I’m sure to put in some long hours on it and hopefully finish it.

1000 consecutive days of art: setup
1000 consecutive days of art: setup minus the pear, I ate it

Here I’m working slowly on the satin fabric. Yes the pear is gone, I didn’t want it to mold so after finishing it and everything around it, I ate it. It was quite good!

1000 consecutive days of art: subject
1000 consecutive days of art: subject

Looks kind of bare without the pear…

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